Frequently asked questions about the VOR Tracker App

Isn’t the app quite pricy?

For VOR Tracker you will only pay once, it is yours for life. You can use it for your initial training, sim assessments, and every once in a while to brush up your skills. Starting and possibly forgetting about a new subscription every time is definitely the more expensive choice.

Thinking about it as an investment towards your career, it is a real bargain and might be one of the best financial decisions during your training. It WILL save you plenty of flight time and help you pass, guaranteed!

Do I take any risk downloading the app? What if I am not satisfied? Can I get a refund?

Apple and Android are very good at handling refunds, and you have to go through them. Read this article for Apple’s App Store, or this one for Google Play.

Why would I practice with the ATIS wind when the procedure is flown at 3000 ft?

You will not practice with the ATIS wind, but have to use the rule of thumb “direction +30°/speed*2” to calculate  the wind at 3000 ft.

I find it difficult to adjust the CDI and the heading bug using the HSI, am I missing something?

You do not have to try to turn, but after tapping swipe left or right. You can use the whole screen, there is no need to stay close to the selector after tapping it.

Is there a way to adjust the CDI or the heading bug more accurately?

It is shown in the tutorial: While adjusting the CDI or heading bug, + and – are displayed on the top left and ride side of the instrument. Tap there to adjust in increments of 1°.

Why are there no solutions presented on the map mode?

Different methods are taught and acceptable, and most of the times there is more than one way to do it right. Presenting a solution might even be misleading, and it will be obvious whether you have done well or should give it some more practice.

In real life this will never happen! Why should I bother?

This is especially true for inbound interceptions when you are approaching from the other side and have to pass the VOR/NDB first. It will probably never happen in real life, but practicing those as well will greatly enhance your skills and give you even more confidence.

Can the holding fix be anywhere else than overhead the station?

Watch this space, we are currently working on it!

Can I combine procedures?

You might be happy to read that this is something we are presently working on.

I think something can be done better, are you approachable for suggestions?

We certainly are! Please send an email to info@vor-tracker.com!

More questions?

Contact us: info@vor-tracker.com