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Purchased this app a few days ago and I must say I am very impressed. It is very addictive and improved my situational awareness in the hold almost instantly…..


by Darling_ton - 08.11.2021

Very useful app whichever Pilot you are ! Super helpful when I was student pilot to prepare my sim session or my IR flights. And of course to maintain « the skill » to fly basic IR stuff !


by Antwn16 - 20.09.2021

This is a great way to train your brain to quickly visualize the needles. I’m using this to exercise VOR nav skills in quick 5 minute breaks


by squirrlybird1 - 09.04.2021

Just what I was looking for.


by John Doran - 04.03.2021

Really enjoying being able to practice my holds and intercepts no matter where I am. As an instrument student I haven’t learned and used all aspects of the app yet, but what I have used is really helping me become more proficient!


by Steve Mohl - 18.02.2021

Very good app for IFR training ! Holding/DME Arc/Interception… You can create your own missions and choose your instruments. As said in the description, it’s definitely not a game but a great tool for professional pilots.


by deblocage - 14.12.2020

Great tool for students as well as any pilot wanting to have a bit of fun!


by gaveasky - 22.11.2020

Great tool to help learn, practice, and visually understand VOR navigation and holds. A must have for students and even seasoned pilots!


by Wanderer 3980 - 18.09.2020

Great tool to help learn, practice, and visually understand VOR navigation and holds. A must have for students and even seasoned pilots!


by IFR ASEL Student - 02.09.2020

There are a lot of training apps out there and unfortunately I’ve purchased my fair share. In my opinion this is the one I come back to most often…


by JollyRoger1525 - 19.07.2020

I used this app on iOS back in 2017 for my IR training and it has always been top notch! I still use it often to escape from LNAV/VNAV boredom these days and it’s a nice piece of kit to practice!


by Marco Nasti - 14.06.2020

Very good APP. I really love it!
Easy, easy and EASY!


by concorde pilot - 05.05.2020

Great app for practicing holding pattern entries and holding in general. Both NDBs and VORs are available which is great for any pilot willing to train their IFR procedures. Highly recommended!!


by Jacknibble - 25.02.2020

Great tool for practicing!


by Peter Bailey - 02.01.2020

Excellent procedural trainer for an HSI….highly recommend.


by Greg Greenman - 07.12.2019

Great for IFR training! Perfect app to get proficient in IFR procedures.


by Yudare - 04.11.2019

Simples e pratico. Facilita muito e potencializa a habilidade de interpretação dos instrumentos quanto a identificação de curso, radial, interceptação, arc dme, etc.


by Pwrsun - 11.11.2019

This app is quite to the point and makes it easy to train interceptions/holdings/DME arcs, including wind effects and using RMI/HSI instruments.


by Pilot_David - 11.11.2019

Fantastic. Great app. Hope you have the time to develop it further one day. Well done. Regards AB


by Andrew Biner - 25.09.2019

Great tool to learn the HSI


by 5150flyer - 23.09.2019

Just WOW! Absolutely amazing app thank you


by Julio Vieira - 12.08.2019



by Sartaj Singh - 11.08.2019

Best app on NAVAIDs! I am new student pilot, and even though am far from my instrument rating, I like to be ahead of things, and getting to know the instruments and know how they operate is a must.


by topnotch707 - 11.06.2019

Awesome! This app excellent! I don’t need to book a practice sim and waste setup time just to practice holdings and arc/course intercepts. I can just hop on this app when I have free time and practice on my own.


by AeroAstroGeek - 25.04.2019

Currently starting my SEIR and this app has made it easy to practice NDB DME arcs and VOR arcs and interceptions. Great help.


by Aferg_3 - 04.04.2019

I LOVE this app. I am an IR rated atpl pilot and I can honestly tell you that by practicing with this app, keeps my instrument skills sharp


by Alex Alexandrakis - 04.04.2019

It’s a very handy tool to practice holding patterns, VOR and DME procedure.
Exellent and good job!


by Tim Ts. - 08.03.2019

It’s a very handy tool to practice holding patterns, VOR and DME procedure.
Exellent and good job!


by Jevan Burkett - 04.01.2019

I’ve looked for an app like this for a while now… Super simple way to get a good understanding of Holds, Arcs, and more! Well done!


by Anonymous - 11.12.2018

Great for mental positioning and WCA calculation.


by richard bradshaw - 20.11.2018

My IFR was very rusty and I didnt expect such results so quickly. Has really helped get my ifr situational awareness back up to speed. Recommend.


by Dwayne Elderkin - 23.09.2018

Great app!


by Nikola Ležaić - 07.08.2018

Wonderful app


by Avinash Soman Nair - 04.06.2018

I remember Leo dí Caprio saying “making the best even better” … Well, this is an example of what it means in real life. VOR Tracker is the best you can do with your money at this respect …!


by DANIEL SALVIA - 02.04.2018

Easy to understand how to intercept the radial.. good job guys.. money worth spending on this app


by Anonymous - 22.03.2018



by BABY HARRAZ - 24.02.2018

Elegant. Excellent practice tool. Worth every cent. Bought the EHSI just on principle to support such a great app. Excellent.


by n460hly - 13.01.2018

Fantastic app, great being able to work on my NDB holds on the Tube on the way to work …


by Keith Neill - 10.11.2017

Very good App, I’m happy to get it! Now I really have the opportunity to training NDB & VOR everywhere, anytime, just from my mobile!


by Anonymous - 08.11.2017

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